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China Tourist (L) Visa

You may go and apply at the consulate in person, they do not accept mail-in application. All application forms are available on their website and ours free of charge.

Please click Chinese embassy website to download Visa Application form if you plan to apply in person.

How to Apply





Applicants collect required documentations and send to this office via any of trackable mailing services. When your visa has been approved, we mail the passport with the visa back to you right away.



Document Required






Original passport valid for at least 12 months with at least three blank visa pages remaining. You must also enclose a copy of the photo page of your passport.

·       First time applicants who were former Chinese citizens must submit the original Chinese passport if that Chinese passport has NOT been cut off on one corner (i.e. cancelled) by the Chinese consulate.   This original passport  will be returned upon completion of the visa application, with one corner cut off  by the Chinese Consulate. If the Chinese passport has been cut,  please send in a copy of the cut passport with the "CANCEL" mark for proof.

If your Chinese passport has expired for more than 6 months, you must provide a copy of your US naturalization certification. For applicants who were under the age of 18 when naturalized as US citizen, please provide your Chinese birth certification, your parents' naturalization certification and both of your parents passport copies.

·      Children applicant, 17 and under, must provide a copy of their birth certification and a copy of BOTH parents' passports and green card when applying for visa.

·       US applicants who were previously Chinese citizens and who changed their US passports before must submit a copy of their old US passport (only the page with the photo) and their old Chinese visas.

·       Chinese Americans who were previously issued Chinese visas and have changed their US passports must submit a copy of their old Chinese visas in their old US passports.



Additional Requirements for Non-US Citizens with Green Card : You must send a copy of the U.S. Green Card.  Don't send us the original Green Card.



Visa Application Form: Download the fillable 2014 Edition Form here (tourist visa application form totals 4 pages), complete and sign it. If you cannot view the page, please click here to download Adobe Acrobat Reader . If you have any problems downloading the form, please contact this office. The application form must be fully completed on a computer and clearly printed out except for the signature. The application also must be printed single-sided and on white paper only. Hand written forms will not be accepted. Do not leave blank in the fields in the form (write N/A for non-applicable items).


Additional Form: Please complete this Additional Form to briefly describe what type of work you do and a short company description. This form is not required for students, homemakers, retired, unemployed persons and children. It may be typed or hand-written.


Tourist Visa Invitation Letter OR Flight Itinerary and Hotel Confirmation. Please complete this tourist visa invitation letter. If you do not have a host in China, please provide the flight itinerary (copy of a roundtrip airline ticket) and the hotel reservation confirmation.

Please also provide a copy of the inviter's Chinese ID or if the inviter is a foreigner with a residence visa in China, please provide a copy of his or her passport plus a copy of that residence visa.



One recent passport type (2"x2") color photograph taken with a white background and printed by a professional.



All applicants who have been to China within the past 2 years must provide a copy of the last Chinese visa issued as well as a copy of the last entry and exit passport stamps in China.



Proof of Residency:  Please provide a copy of your driver's license or any other state issued ID card or student ID or employment badge, or a copy of an utility bill/bank statement/ or any other mail showing your home address. Under-aged applicants without a driver's license can submit one parent's driver's license along with a copy of the birth certificate.



If your US PASSPORT is new (issued within one year), We need your original expired passport. Please mail it along with your newly issued US passport



Processing Fee and Payment Method: We accept personal check, business check, cashier's check, money order or credit card payments for regular services. For rush service and express service, we do not accept personal check payments. Make check or money order payable to: Chinese Visa Office.

Non-US citizens, click here for Processing Fee.

Credit Card payments: Please download and complete Credit Card Order Form.



To apply for a Multiple Entry (L) Visa, the applicant shall submit the above required documents and the total fee (A+B) as shown below.



A: Visa Processing Fee1

Service Type

Process Time

Validity 2


Consulate Fee

Our Service Fee

Total 10-Yr Visa Fee


7-8 Workdays

10 Years






5-6 Workdays

10 Years






4 Workdays

10 Years





1 If you need Express Service and/or Rush Service, please call us at 713-774-5606 about the availability of these services before you proceed.

2 If the valid date of the 10-year Chinese visa is beyond the valid date of the current passport, the visa is still valid and can be used with your new passport when the current passport expires.


B: Return Shipping Fee (per package)




Send back your visa via FedEx with a tracking number.
Note: FedEx will only ship to a physical address (street address), NOT to a P.O. box address.

FedEx return shipping is released without a signature. Should you request a signature with your return shipping, please let us know by leaving a note with your application (Someone must be at your home to sign for your package).

Note: We highly recommend using FedEx shipping. If you decide to use your own return mail, we will not be held liable shall they become lost or delayed. All post office mail are dropped off at the post office counter without receipts; please ask for a confirmation number when you purchase a return priority mail.

Total Cost = A + B


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