Full Authentication Service

Most Chinese governmental agencies do not require the authentication of original documents. If this is the case for you, we can provide a full service authentication for a copy of the document where you will just have to email us a copy. We will provide State Certification and Consulate Authentication for one price. You do not have to mail us anything and once we are done, we will send you the authentication or your agency in China the authentication by the Chinese Consulate. No hassle, no worry, and no mailing, we will take care of everything from start to finish.

It is the applicant’s responsibility to find out if a copy of the document authentication is sufficient for the Chinese government agency that you are submitting to.

1) Email us a clear copy of your document.

Our email is office@visa-chinese.com and please put full authentication service as the subject title

In the email please provide

  • Your name;
  • Contact information;
  • Please let us know your objective in China or what you wish to do in China: “I wish to sell my property in China, I wish to enroll my children in school, I am filing a lawsuit in China…”

2) We will review your document and reply. We will let you know what additional documents you will also need to email us. Depending on your objectives in China, there are different documents required.

3) Fees and Payment

Authentication Processing Fee – Personal document or personal usage
Service Type Process Time (1) State Fee State Service Fee (2) Consulate Fee Service Fee Total Fee
Saver 25 Workdays $15 $59 $25 $69 $168
Regular 14 Workdays $15 $79 $25 $89 $208
Rush 7 Workdays $15 $129 $50 $99 $293
Authentication Processing Fee – Business document or Commercial usage
Service Type Process Time (1) State Fee State Service Fee (2) Consulate Fee Service Fee Total Fee
Saver 25 Workdays $15 $59 $50 $79 $203
Regular 14 Workdays $15 $79 $50 $89 $233
Rush 7 Workdays $15 $129 $75 $109 $328
1) Processing time includes mailing time to State for certification and returning back to us.
2) State service fee also includes any shipping charges, rush service charges and any additional handle charges by the State.

4. Translation of Document
Some documents require to be translated in Chinese before we can authenticate them or the Chinese agency requires a translation with the authentication. We offer a translation service for the prices below

Service Type Process Time (1) Service Charges Total Charges
Passport First Page or similar document 1-2 Workdays $50/translation $50/translation
Birth/Death Certification or Diplomat or similar document 1-2 Workdays $79/translation $79/translation
Lawsuit/Willing/Property/or similar document 4-7Workdays Charge/Content Please email content for pricing

 5) Return Shipping

If you wish to use our return mail service, please complete our Chinese Visa Office FedEx Shipping Order Form

Remarks Fees
FedEx Standard Shipping $30
FedEx First Overnight $65
FedEx shipment to HI, AK, PR $40
FedEx Saturday Delivery $40
FedEx International $75
Additional Return Address $30
Pick-up /Pre-paid Envelope $0

Our FedEx return shipping is released without a signature. Should you require a signature with your return shipping envelope, please inform us by leaving a note with your application or by contacting us by phone. FedEx has its own damage, lost or missing and claim policy, please visit FedEx website for information. For Chinese visa office return shipping information, please read our return shipping cost and policy

Total cost to pay: Service Fee +Any Translation+ Return Mailing Cost

Check/Money Order/Cashier Cash payee is Chinese Visa Office and can be mailed along with the all the required documents to our office. Please complete our credit card form for cc payment or call us at 713-774-5606 to provide cc payment. You can mail the form along with your document to us
Mailing Address:
Chinese Visa Office
Susan Guo
10402 Harwin Dr. Suite A3
Houston, TX 77036

Tel: 713-774-5606

We highly recommend using FedEx shipping. USPS does not issue receipts for mail drop off. For USPS priority mail, please ask for a confirmation number when you purchase the return mail. For more information on return shipping rates, time, and options, please read our return shipping cost and policy